Toddler Four

Community is an important element of our classroom.  Every child is unique and therefore we strive to embrace diversity and individualism while maintaining a comfortable home-like atmosphere.   Through communication and participation, it is our wish to support all families and offer a sense of connection between home and school.

Every day holds new opportunities for exploring the world, learning about ourselves and each other, and engaging in fun activities.  It is our belief that meaningful learning experiences are process-oriented and child-directed.  The curriculum is based on the current interests and abilities of the children and covers all developmental domains-physical, social, emotional, and cognitive.  “Teachable moments” occur frequently throughout the day allowing for in-depth exploration of everything from observing a spider with a magnifying glass to graphing the different types of shoes worn by classmates.

Our schedule is designed to provide flexibility and balance to the day as well as to allow opportunities to develop the whole child.  Included in the schedule are a mix of activities planned by the teachers as well as child-initiated activities. There are also opportunities for active, quiet, and routine play.  Everyday children have opportunities to engage in various activities including fine/gross motor time, language/literacy development, creative expression, dramatic play, math and science, and self-help routines. We also enjoy spending time walking in our neighborhood and enjoying nature on our playground. We have an open-door policy and invite families to join us for any part of the day.