Preschool Three

In Preschool 3, we support each child as a unique individual.  Family partnerships are essential in our effort to support the successful development of the whole child.  We welcome parent involvement and participation. 

We approach curriculum in a holistic manner, as opposed to teaching “subjects.”  The teachers act as facilitators and utilize the “teachable moment” to capitalize on children's learning opportunities.  We create the opportunity for exploration in a variety of ways and support the children’s interests at their pace and readiness.  We believe our classroom is a community and support this approach with family-style meals, an emphasis on social interactions and the encouragement of family input and preferences.

At the beginning and end of the day, a teacher will always be there to ease the transition between home and school or discuss the activities of the day or any concerns.  Directly outside of our classroom, you will notice a communication wall that will briefly describe our daily activities.  The schedule may fluctuate depending on the needs and interests of the children, but each day will address the needs of the whole child, with time for gross motor and outdoor activities, art, group story times, dramatic play, rest time, meals, and free choice time.