Infant Three

In Infants 3, we believe every child has unique qualities and gifts that make them special and we strive to celebrate what makes each child who they are!  Babies are made to be held and loved, spoken to and given lots of attention and it is our honor to get the opportunity to create the loving bond each child will develop with the caregivers and children in our classroom.  As babies grow, the activities change with them and we create a classroom environment that will allow each child to achieve the goals they set out to meet. 

Family is an important part of the success of our classroom.  Babies grow best when there is a strong bond between us and the family and we welcome as much input as the family is able to give.  Whether you are a breastfeeding mom who wants to come by to nurse throughout the day, you are a dad who can come on his lunch break to join us while we eat, or a grandparent who wants to join us for a walk or read stories, we welcome all family members who are an important part of the baby’s life. 

Because we care for babies, our daily schedule is flexible to meet the needs of individual children.  Children are free to nap when tired, have bottles according to their schedule, and participate in group activities or free play when they want to do so.  Our daily schedule includes time for gross motor play (walks, small gym, playground), fine motor activities, creative expression (art, dance, music), language activities, and family-style meals.  We adapt our schedule daily according to the interests and needs of the children and provide a well-rounded curriculum full of activity and nurturing.