Preschool One

Throughout the year, we implement a developmentally appropriate curriculum for younger preschool children.  We believe that children grow and learn best through play, which is initiated by the child and supported and extended through the teachers.  In a classroom environment that is positive, nurturing, safe, and stimulating, we believe children grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

The times on our schedule are approximate and flexible.  We recognize that play is such an important part of your child’s development and therefore, we incorporate long periods of uninterrupted playtime into their day.  This is so they can make connections with concepts and ideas that they experience through the different learning areas provided (math and science, art, dramatic play, floor toys, table toys, book area, listening center, sensory table, and blocks). The connections that they make while playing through these areas will help prepare them for their future academic and life experiences.  The children will also participate in a variety of hands on “messy” activities such as painting, water play, or food preparation.  We eat each meal sitting together family-style which allows the children and teachers another wonderful opportunity to engage in rich conversation together.  Weather permitting, we go outdoors daily or we spend time increasing our coordination, balance and muscle control as we play in our indoor gym.